Monday, 10 May 2010

30 Second meditation for stress

Stress/Anxiety is one of the main reasons my clients come to see me. Obviously if you have a deep-rooted problem there is no substitute for seeing a proper therapist like me, but for "everyday" stress, here is a technique that calms you instantly:

1. Sit down in a chair hands on lap, palms up

2. In each hand touch your thumb tip with your middle finger-tip.

3. Stare down at the two "O" shapes you have made and focus on the feeling of thumbs and fingers touching. You will find that your mind goes blank.

4. Take a deep breathe in and think "breathing in, I cool my body". Hold your breath for 1 second.

5. When you breathe out, think "Breathing out, I smile"

6. Smile!

7. Repeat 5 times

..Let me know how you got on!

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