Sunday, 31 October 2010


Banish the doubt that’s stopping you from succeeding!

· Are Negative Thoughts preventing you from achieving business success... and you’re not even aware of it?
· Here are practical and realistic ways to overcome negative thinking, doubts and worries that can prevent you from experiencing the business success you deserve.
· Liberate your thinking and achieve only success for your business!

I’d like to start by debunking two myths concerning life’s certainties. You may have heard that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. That’s a bit depressing isn’t it? No wonder people get a bit negative about life! I’m pleased to inform you that they are untrue. DEATH is not a certainty about life. Death is by definition not life, so it’s not a certainty about life itself, so it doesn’t count. TAXES are definitely not certain because it’s quite possible to avoid them if you were really that determined.

Life’s certainties are in fact:
Is there anybody here who doesn’t want to feel good?

Feeling good is actually also the meaning of life. It really is that simple. Who wants to spend a lifetime feeling bad? Who would want to go on living if there was no chance of feeling good? Life is not a puzzle to be solved, it’s not a test that you pass or fail, life is a song, life is a rollercoaster ride, it’s a cruise, and the point is not the end.

I have studied many great philosophers my friends, and it turns out that the one who really put his finger on the meaning of life was this man James Brown, who said I feel good. That’s it! An old sixties soul number had the truth all along.

If you want to know if your life is on track, ask yourself: Are you feeling good about where you’re going? Simple as that! Some people lose sight of this. They grab hold of fame, success, power or sensuality as if that’s the goal. No that’s not the goal, that’s the vehicle, and if the vehicle’s not getting you there, you need a new vehicle. If you’re really successful and pissed off, it’s because that sort of success is no longer doing it for you, so get on a different bus! I would like to suggest btw that feeling good usually involves making others feel good too, so you may want to take that into consideration.

So then, if you wish to banish self-doubt and negative thought from your life, you need to be doing things that promote feeling good in some way, because as we will discover, if you try and leave feelings and emotions out of your strategy for positive thinking, you will quite simply underperform.
If you want a top-notch business, you need to feel good and you have to make your employees and your customers all feel good too. So first job, play a little James Brown occasionally, just to remind yourself what the purpose of it all is, to FEEL GOOD! That’s why we all do what we do.

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